When diarrhea strikes, there’s no time to weigh your options. You need an effective, dependable solution and you need it fast. Formulated to quickly reach the intestine where diarrhea starts, DiaResQ is a different kind of diarrhea relief that’s safe for the whole family.

How DiaResQ® Helps

Diarrhea is often caused by your body’s immune response to an unwanted microorganism in the gut. During an episode of diarrhea, your body is trying to flush out the microorganism and regain balance. DiaResQ helps support your natural immune response by providing beneficial nutrients and immune factors that rapidly restore normal intestinal function and relieve diarrhea. 

Rapid recovery

DiaResQ effectively reaches the intestinal tract to rapidly restore normal function so you can go about your day as planned.

Almost as vital as your passport

Up to 70% of travelers, depending on the destination and season of travel, will experience travelers’ diarrhea. Don’t let an episode of diarrhea ruin your trip – travel smart with DiaResQ.

DiaResQ® is not a drug or an antibiotic

DiaResQ is a food made from naturally derived ingredients that provides beneficial nutrients for people with diarrhea.

Safe for

children 1yr+

The average American child experiences 7-15 episodes of diarrhea by age five. DiaResQ provides safe, soothing relief so your child is back to normal in no time.

DiaResQ® is now readily available in selected retail and online stores.

Amazon Customer Reviews

“DiaResQ is going onto my permanent international travel packing list! I love traveling in Central and South America, but after a few days, my stomach always starts complaining, even absent food poisoning (which happens too!). On a recent trip to Nicaragua, I used one dose of DiaResQ after about 5 days of traveling: the next morning I woke up and my stomach was back to working order! ”

Mark S Harrison

“Generally my stomach is more sensitive when I go out to eat. I noticed that during a recent dinner my stomach did not feel very well and I tried the DiaResQ and surprisingly my stomach felt better within 30 minutes. It also helped that the taste was not bad at all. Very easy to take along in my purse.”

Amazon Customer

“Worked perfect for my son's diarrhea!”

Crystal S.

“As a professional, international kayak guide this is an essential part of my travel first aid kit for me and my clients. Don't leave home without it!”


“Does what it says it’s going to do!! I like taking it whenever I feel a little “off”. Seems to help me keep feeling healthy and normal. Ingredients are safe which I also like. No harsh chemicals.”


ONE of the Thirty Leading Healthcare Innovations

DiaResQ was recognized as one of thirty leading healthcare innovations with great promise to transform global health by 2030 and to help accelerate progress toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals health targets.