About Us

Boulder, Colorado  

About PanTheryx, Inc.

PanTheryx is a Boulder, Colorado based company that innovates with a focus on improving global health and quality of life. Founded in 2007, PanTheryx has been dedicated to developing our breakthrough product (DiaResQ®), advancing clinical testing, and the commercialization of its products that both address the specific dietary needs of adults and children with diarrhea and support overall intestinal health.

Diarrhea is the 2nd leading cause of death of children under 5 globally, second only to pneumonia.1 Every year diarrhea kills more children under 5 years old than AIDS, malaria, and measles combined1 and significantly decreases their quality of life by causing malnutrition1 and stunted growth, impacting cognitive development.2

Our mission includes ensuring that the most at risk populations have access to the benefits of our products.


Equity of Access

Through The Equity of Access Initiative, PanTheryx partners with non-profit organizations to reach the poorest, neediest children and make sure they have access to DiaResQ®.

The Equity of Access Initiative ensures distribution of the product to rural and other low-income populations who are most susceptible to diarrheal disease and educate community health workers in the prevention and treatment of diarrheal disease for children in need. We measure the impact of the program on the communities we serve by tracking key quality of life indicators such as reductions in antibiotic use, hospitalization rates, need for stepped-up care and intravenous rehydration, and diarrhea episode duration.


Our Family of DiaResQ® Products

  • Provides nutrients for people with diarrhea for fast relief
  • Safe and easily consumed
  • Includes targeted nutrients to support normal digestive health
  • Delivers naturally occurring immune factors and immunoglobulins that support immune health
  • Use for children, adults, and travelers