DiaResQ® Rapid Recovery

How It Helps

DiaResQ® delivers important nutrients to promote digestive health and rapidly support normal function.

DiaResQ® is a must-have at home and for travel. It is not intended for the relief of chronic diarrhea or diarrhea due to the overindulgence in food or drink.

Nutrition Information


Directions & Serving Size

Fill enclosed cup with clean or boiled water to the 30 ml line. Add powder from one packet. Secure lid and shake until the contents are fully dispersed. Immediately drink the entire contents of the cup. Consume one packet per day.

DiaResQ® is not a replacement for medications prescribed by a doctor and is not a replacement for your normal diet. It is not intended for infants (12 months and younger).


Bovine (cow) colostrum, egg solids, silicon dioxide, vanilla flavor, sucralose.


Contains egg and milk. Gluten Free.


Store in a cool, dry place.