The Equity Of Access Initiative

Through The Equity of Access Initiative, PanTheryx partners with non-profit organizations to reach the poorest, neediest children and make sure they have access to treatment.

The Equity of Access Initiative ensures distribution of our product to rural and other low-income populations who are most susceptible to diarrheal disease and educate community health workers in the prevention and treatment of diarrheal disease for children in need. We measure the impact of the program on the communities we serve by tracking key quality of life indicators such as reductions in antibiotic use, hospitalization rates, need for stepped-up care and intravenous rehydration, and diarrhea episode duration.

Equitable access does not only mean treatment accessibility at PanTheryx. Through the EAI, we work with partners to train community health workers on diarrhea prevention and treatment, as well as, set up programs to track and monitor the program’s impact on quality of life among children in the community.

Our partnership with Project Cure in Mexico will distribute more than 300,000 sachets of our lead product.

We are also committed to expanding healthcare access by researching and investing in solutions for underserved diseases that primarily impact developing nations.

Our Equity of Access initiative aims to not only ensure that every individual has equal access to our transformative products, but that we continue to conduct research to address diseases that affect developing nations and the people that live there. Research studies are currently taking place in distinct locations around the world including Guatemala, Russia, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

YOU can deliver health and hope to the world.

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