Six Foods Women Should Eat Every Day

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Eating a healthy diet is important for everyone, but certain foods are more important to certain populations (men, women, children, seniors, for example). Women have dietary needs that are unique due to female hormone balance, not to mention stressors that … Read More

Tips for Avoiding Traveler’s Diarrhea

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Traveler’s diarrhea is a common condition that can disrupt work or leisurely travel. While certain destinations are more likely to give you traveler’s diarrhea, you can experience it in any new environment. Typically, traveler’s diarrhea isn’t serious, but it can … Read More

Best Fluids for Dehydration from Diarrhea

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Dehydration from diarrhea can escalate quickly, especially in children. While certain foods can support the recovery process when you have diarrhea, staying hydrated is the number one priority. Research shows that replacing electrolytes and fluids is the primary focus of … Read More

Foods That May Help with Diarrhea

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When you’re experiencing diarrhea, it’s important to know which foods to eat. For adults and children alike, certain foods may help, while others are best avoided. Here, we’ll dig deeper into foods that may help with diarrhea. Foods for Children … Read More

Welcome to the DiaResQ Blog

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Welcome to the DiaResQ® blog! On this corner of the site, we hope to educate parents, travelers, physicians, and all those who suffer from occasional diarrhea. We’ll be exploring topics related to diarrhea concerns and gut health, as well as … Read More