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Combating Diarrhea and Diaper Rash

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How to combat diarrhea and diaper rash, DiaResQ

If you’re a parent of small children, you know that diaper rash is no joke. Diaper rash ranges from mild to severe and can be caused by chafing or irritation, a bacterial or fungal infection, or frequent urination or diarrhea. It is typically red and tender to the touch, so changing diapers or clothing touching the affected area can be quite painful.

Not only is diarrhea a common cause of diaper rash but it can also exacerbate an existing case of diaper rash, which can be especially painful for a child. Read on to learn how you can prevent and combat diaper rash and help keep your little one comfortable and pain-free during a bout of diarrhea.

Change Diapers Regularly and Keep Them Loosely Fastened

While both urine and feces on the skin for any length of time can be irritating, feces is the most likely to lead to diaper rash. As such, diarrhea is a common cause of diaper rash, but changing diapers regularly and being sure to fasten them as loosely as possible (so they’re not rubbing against the affected area) can help.

Keep the Area Clean and Pat Dry

Chemicals and fragrances often found in soaps and wipes can cause irritation and further inflame an already painful rash. To avoid worsening the problem, wipe gently with a clean, wet washcloth. Alternatively, you can use the tub or shower to wash the area with warm water and pat dry with a clean towel.

Use a Soothing Ointment

If your child already has a diaper rash, consider keeping the area moist and protected with a cream or ointment. Something with zinc that is fragrance-free is ideal and will be the least irritating. You can also make your own solution by blending coconut or olive oil with a few drops of lavender oil.

Wash Your Hands Frequently

Bacteria from a diaper rash can spread to you or other parts of your child’s body, so be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after every diaper change.

Try Diaper-Free Time

While not always easy in cases of diarrhea, airing out the rash and letting it dry naturally can be very helpful. Consider placing your child on top of a towel or other easily cleaned surface to play and allow for some diaper free time.

Help Relieve Diarrhea Quickly

When diarrhea does happen, reach for DiaResQ. DiaResQ is not a drug or antibiotic and it is safe for children as young as 1YR. Clinically demonstrated to resolve most cases of pediatric diarrhea on day one of use, DiaResQ provides nutrients and immune factors that work with your child’s body to help rapidly restore normal intestinal function and relieve diarrhea.

Whether diaper rash, diarrhea, or diaper rash caused by diarrhea, no parent likes to see their child in pain. These easy and effective tips can help to rapidly relieve diarrhea and soothe diaper rash quickly, so your child can get back to normal in no time.

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