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March 22nd is World Water Day – Here’s How to Support!

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Each year on March 22nd, The United Nations observes World Water Day, a day that raises awareness about the importance of water. Over 2 billion people still live without access to clean drinking water which contributes to diseases like diarrhea, affecting their health, family planning, and economic prosperity.

Clean Water Worldwide by 2030

The year 2030 is the target The United Nations and World Water Day has committed to ensuring clean water access worldwide. DiaResQ and Pantheryx, our parent company, support World Water Day through our Equity of Access Initiative. For this initiative, we work with partners such as Project C.U.R.E., to train community health workers on diarrhea prevention, sanitation procedures and treatment, as well as set up programs to track and monitor the program’s impact on quality of life among children in the community.

How You Can Help

The following are ways to get involved with United Nation’s World Water Day.

Learn About Current Efforts

Visit World Water Day and read their stories, reports, and successes. Find out about projects going on near you and spread the word!

Plan An Event

Take a look at World Water Day’s events here. You can attend a local event to learn more or submit your own. Getting involved is the best way to raise awareness.

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