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Diarrhea Without a Fever: What It Means

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diarrhea without a fever

Diarrhea can occur for many reasons, some that might be obvious and others that need a little detective work. Common symptoms that come along with diarrhea can provide important clues as to why you might have diarrhea, and how to treat it. One of those symptoms is a fever.

A Fever: What Does it Mean?

A fever can have many different causes, but the primary goal of any fever is to fight illness by amplifying the immune system’s response. It is a normal and healthy reaction from the body and will usually go away within a few days. In the case of a fever and diarrhea, this could be a sign that both are caused by an unwanted microorganism. Diarrhea that is accompanied by a fever is often your body’s natural way of trying to fight a potentially harmful intruder.

Common Culprits of Diarrhea Without a Fever

Thankfully, diarrhea doesn’t always mean you’ll get a fever. In fact, there are several common reasons that you might experience diarrhea with no other symptoms. If that’s the case, consider the following:


Diarrhea is actually a very common symptom of stress and anxiety, both acute and chronic. Many people can relate to the experience of having a public speaking event or other stress-inducing situation causing the need to run to the bathroom. This same thing can occur due to daily stress caused by a job or relationship tension.

Stress, anxiety, and overall nervousness have profound effects on muscular tension, including those related to digestion. It can also either slow down or speed up the transit time of food (digestion), leading to either diarrhea or constipation or a combination of these two symptoms.


Runner’s diarrhea is extremely common and is also known as “runner’s colitis” or “runner’s trots.” It typically hits during or after a long run, so it’s pretty easy to pinpoint as being caused by running. Runner’s diarrhea might also be accompanied by unpleasant symptoms such as gas, bloating, cramping, or nausea.

While the causes of runner’s diarrhea aren’t entirely understood, most experts agree it has to do with diet in many cases. You might have an underlying food sensitivity or need to adjust your meal and snack timing around runs. If you’re participating in a big event, the above-mentioned stress-related diarrhea could also be a factor.

Food Allergy or Sensitivity

If you are regularly experiencing diarrhea that is not accompanied by a fever or other symptoms, consider doing some food allergy testing and/or an elimination diet. Certain sensitivities are not picked up on allergy food testing so both can be helpful to uncover underlying intolerances.

The most common food allergens and irritants that cause diarrhea include dairy, gluten, corn, soy, eggs, nuts, and shellfish. However, you can be allergic to just about anything, which is why finding a knowledgeable local doctor or nutritionist can be extremely beneficial.

Adverse Reaction to a Medication

Certain medications are more likely than others to cause diarrhea, such as antibiotics. NSAIDs (like ibuprofen), especially when taken on an empty stomach, can also cause digestive upset and diarrhea. Additionally, some medications that are used to control diabetes, as well as medications to treat heartburn, have been known to cause abdominal discomfort and diarrhea.

If your medication culprit is one that can be stopped or changed, discuss this possibility with your prescribing doctor. If not (and particularly in the case of antibiotics), taking a high-quality probiotic with and after your antibiotic can help restore the balance of gut bacteria.

In all instances of diarrhea, supporting your body with nourishing and easy-to-digest foods like broths and soups as well as staying well hydrated with pure water and natural coconut water is crucial to prevent dehydration. You can also keep DiaResQ on hand, a safe and effective food for special dietary use that provides immune factors and beneficial nutrients that help to relieve diarrhea and quickly restore normal intestinal function.

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