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How to Bounce Back After a Bout of Diarrhea

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Bounce Back After Diarrhea

Anybody who has dealt with a bout of diarrhea (which is probably everyone reading this) knows that it can seriously knock you out. Even after you’ve recovered from diarrhea, you may feel weak, tired and generally under the weather.

Below is some advice on how to bounce back after a bout of diarrhea, and feel better—sooner.

Eat Healthy Foods

Making sure to focus on nourishing foods is key for a quick recovery post-diarrhea. Some of the same foods that you ate during your bout with diarrhea can also be helpful for bouncing back.

On that same note, it’s important to avoid foods that offer little to no nutritional value, such as sugary foods and foods high in unhealthy fats (such as fried foods).

Take Probiotics

Probiotic foods and supplements can be quite helpful in supporting recovery after a bout of diarrhea, as they reinoculate your gut with the types of bacteria that promote healthy digestion.

Replace Lost Electrolytes

Dehydration is a major concern during and after diarrhea, so being sure to replace lost electrolytes. Electrolytes play important roles in our brain, muscle and cell function, and their balance can be easily thrown off after symptoms of diarrhea and vomiting. Common electrolytes include potassium, magnesium, chloride, sodium, and calcium.

Coconut water (no sugar added brands) is an excellent way to replace lost electrolytes, and much healthier than processed sports drinks such as Gatorade. Don’t be afraid to add salt to your foods when cooking (but avoid packaged foods with high sodium levels). Drink plenty of water.

Get Outside and Take a Walk

Simply getting outdoors and breathing in fresh air can help you feel better after diarrhea. You might have been cooped up inside during your bout, so a gentle walk around the neighborhood can be rejuvenating. If you’re not up for a walk, sit outside for awhile and take several minutes for deep breathing.

Get Plenty of Rest and Sleep

After symptoms of diarrhea, your body needs as much sleep and rest as possible. Be careful not to jump right back into work (or play) too quickly, and allow yourself the sleep and rest you need. Listen to your body’s cues, as well. If you feel tired, this is a sure sign that more sleep is necessary.

Following these suggestions can support you in recovering from diarrhea and get back to feeling your best as quickly as possible.

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